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About Save Wigan

Here is a little about what 'Save Wigan' is and what we do.


Save Wigan is an independent group formed in October 2009 campaigning to save Wigan's heritage. Our aim is to bring to the attention of the public Wigan's decaying historic environment.


We are a group of local (and some not so local) people with one thing at heart, Wigan. Anyone with an interest in preserving what's left is very welcome to join us.


Too many old buildings have been destroyed to make way for modern, non-descript shopping arcades and apartments. There isn't much of old Wigan left. The buildings we care about are usually Grade II listed and are in dire need of restoration. Examples include Haigh Hall, Winstanley Hall, the old Town Hall and many others.


We meet on a regular basis to discuss current issues, fund-raising events, publicity and other matters concerning the aims of Save Wigan.


At present, any involvement is via this website. Every member is encouraged to use the message boards to get involved with the group. We plan to meet at regular intervals throughout the year.

To learn more, please read our constitution.

Save Wigan

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