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Our Constitution

Oct 1st 2009 (amended twice until Oct 2010)
Oct 1st 2010 (Complete re-write of constitution)

• Save Wigan Heritage Group

Aims/ Objectives
• To preserve buildings, monuments and features of historic, architectural and cultural significance
• To promote awareness of heritage value in order to facilitate action and sustain `At Risk’ local assets
• To save the character of Wigan as a Market Town, with support from public and private organisations

Conditions of Save Wigan Membership

• Membership costing £10 is freely available for all people supportive of the `Save Wigan’ objectives
• All records will be stored online in a secure management system to Data Protection Act standards
• Cancellation of membership is non-refundable. To exit please advise the Chairperson by email or post

Conditions of Management Committee Membership
• Membership of the Management Committee shall be open to any member of the Group
• Committee positions are discretionary and for an unspecified duration
• Scrutiny of current Committee members will be subject to Group feedback and a voting system will be arranged to settle any matters arising
• Roles of the Committee are flexible and not generally assigned to an individual job

Meetings of the Management Committee and Group
• The business of the organisation shall be conducted by the Chairman, in attendance with the three other Committee members
• The Management Committee may organise events by contacting all current group members via email, or employing the website publicity for any proposed activity
• Where voting is required, a show of hands will be required and the Chairperson will have the casting vote
• All four members of the Management Committee must be present for any Management Committee Meeting to achieve quorum

• Any revenue received or generated by ‘Save Wigan’ shall be held in a bank approved by the Group
• The Treasurer will be responsible for incoming monies and updating the balance where necessary
• All disbursement cheque transactions must be signed by both the Chairperson and Treasurer
• Accounts will be open for scrutiny on the website by all members with access to the Group’s finances

Equal Opportunities
• ‘Save Wigan’ will run on a non-discriminatory basis, membership is subject to the aims and objectives of this Constitution being respectfully followed

• A Privacy Policy will be set for the website in order to securely protect Group member’s interests

Amendments to the Constitution
• Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed at any point, with prospective changes being shown on the website message boards, or via email contact
• At least seven days notice of a proposed amendment must be given to members of ‘Save Wigan’
• Any amendment to the Constitution will then be carefully considered by Group members

Dissolution of the Group
• Should the Group cease to exist, any residual funds will be transferred to a local Charity at the timely discretion of the Management Committee, with the serving Chairperson having the final casting vote

Save Wigan

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